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Store to Door



Store to Door is a non-profit organization that delivers groceries, prescription medications, and household items to seniors and people with disabilities.

Each year, more than 10,000 volunteer hours help us fill and deliver more than 7,000 orders.

Our program promotes dignity and self-reliance.

  • Unlike food boxes and prepared meal delivery, our program allows clients to choose what they eat.
  • Our direct service staff and volunteers encourage clients to advocate for themselves.
  • Most of our clients don't have computers or aren't comfortable with technology. We call every week and take their order over the phone.

Our program prevents social isolation.

  • One in six seniors will experience social isolation, which is “a powerful predictor of cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline, institutionalization, stroke, re-hospitalization, depression, and increased risk of suicide.”
  • Seniors who are isolated are three times more likely to experience hunger.
  • Our friendly volunteers and staff are a bridge between homebound seniors and the community, engaging family, case workers, health care workers, or protective services when a health or safety concern is identified; and making referrals for additional supportive services.

Our service is affordable and economically sustainable.

  • 10% of seniors and 27% of adults with disabilities in Multnomah County are in poverty. That means their annual income is $11,770 or less.
  • For-profit in-home services are cost-prohibitive for low-income seniors. The average cost of private grocery shopping services is $65 a trip. That's $3,250 a year! Store to Door clients generally pay $225/year or less.
  • The average cost for nursing home care per person is $95,000 annually, which is often tax-dollar funded. In contrast, the total cost to the community for a year of Store to Door's service is approximately $800. That's over $42 million in savings this year alone.
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