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We are creating a first hand document library out of the dust of an Historical Farm that was home to generations of historians for 100 years. All items were found on site and include first hand journals, letters, photographs, newspapers, magazines of each era of American History for the last 160 years. We are creating an accessible and online library of the these first hand documents that represent what farmers of the Palouse truly did and were interested in for the last century and a half. Your help is invaluable to the true story of this community.

We are also trying to maintain and preserve an 1878 Log cabin, a c.1873-1904 Farmhouse, an 1898 Barn and a c.1880's Curio cabin. This section of the Volunteer work is available with Social Distancing guidelines.
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You guys are priceless. It is not any exaggeration to say that without you, this historical site would not exist. We depend on one volunteer full time and that is it. You do the rest.