Children's Museum of Tacoma



For over 30 years, the Museum has carried out its mission to honor children and champion play by nurturing children and supporting the grown-ups who care for them. Through vibrant play-based exhibits, onsite programming, and community outreach, the Museum engages, inspires, and educates children eight and younger, as well as their parents and caregivers. Through advocacy, the Museum challenges our communities to embrace the power of play and value the contributions of children. The Children's Museum of Tacoma was chartered in 1985 by a committed group of parents, educators, and community leaders who saw a void of meaningful activities for young families in our community. The Museum opened in 1986 in a small alley-access storefront space and rotated single-theme exhibits every 18 to 24 months. In 1997 the Museum moved to the Kress Building on Broadway and began featuring multiple-themed exhibit areas and expanded community programs. Located in downtown Tacoma's museum row the Museum sets itself apart from others in its field with innovative, sculpturally-based environments, brimming with invitations for engaged, self-directed discovery. Uniquely, the Museum offers a Pay as You Will model of admissions, eliminating all financial barriers to participation. Further expanding access, the Museum's free early learning outreach program, Play to Learn, is offered at 18 locations across Pierce County.
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