ChildStrives success stems from a foundational belief in family empowerment and a strength-based model that maximizes each childs abilities so that they can get the very best start in life. We use a hands-on coaching model. Our staff supports parents and other care givers, enhancing their capacity to meet the specific needs of their infants and toddlers, in the childs natural learning environments at home, at their child care center, or in other community settings. Mission: ChildStrive partners with families to support young childrens success in daily life and in the community. Vision: Our vision is that all children will be ready to succeed in school and in life. Children from certain populations have difficulties when they begin school, and often these difficulties result in school failure or the need for remedial and special education. These populations include children who have delays due to disabilities and children who are at risk of developing delays due to environmental factors such as poverty, homelessness, abuse, and neglect.
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