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St. Vincent de Paul of Seattle/King County leads individuals to join together to offer personal service to those in need which enriches our lives socially and spiritually. Having people lend a hand in service to neighbors is the core of what we do. That is how Frederic Ozanam started the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in 1833. That is how our organization operates today, with neighborhood volunteer conferences, as well as program volunteers, providing services to neighbors. Volunteering is in our organizational DNA. Our programs have grown from serving a handful of people, to serving thousands of people on a weekly basis. Volunteers have played a significant role in each of our milestones by contributing time, enthusiasm, and passion in all that they do. Volunteers have served in a variety of capacities in our ever-growing organization. We are grateful for all that our Volunteers do and look forward to continued growth and relationships in the coming years.
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