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Westgate Preschool in Edmonds was created out of our sincere love for children and our desire to see them discover the joy of learning. We believe it is extremely important that a child's first learning experience instills confidence and nurtures the natural wonder and imagination every child is born with. We welcome all children as individual learners with a variety of abilities and skills. We encourage children to play freely, interact with others and try out new skills in an environment that is safe and supportive. Our developmental philosophy is to offer tasks at which children can succeed as well as appropriate challenges and an introduction to basic readiness concepts through play. These learning areas will include socializa_tion skills, creative arts, mathematics, science, health education, movement, and music classes. Our classrooms are multicultural learning environments that recognize the value of diversity and appreciate the uniqueness of each child and his/her family. Our staff believes in encouraging and loving children in a positive, open manner that builds relationships both with the child and with their families. We strive to partner with our families to assist them in the education of their children. We believe children must be free to develop at their own pace and intentionally engage them in activities to build confidence. Some of the highlights of our program are field trips, Grandparents Day, Mothers Day Tea, Dads and Doughnuts, small classroom sizes for one-on-one child/teacher interaction.
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