WSU ROAR Program is a U.S. Department of Education accredited Comprehensive Postsecondary Transition Program (CPT) serving students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at Washington State University.

VISION - Empower students with intellectual and developmental disabilities to become self-determined, independent adults that seek a rewarding and purposeful life.

MISSION - Provide a fully inclusive Postsecondary Educational Program and access to the WSU campus experience to young adult students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through program workshops, specialized training seminars, career-development, and on-campus living, WSU ROAR Program strives to empower students to reach their personal and professional goals and achieve independence in an inclusive campus environment. WSU ROAR also seeks to develop, implement, and test evidence-based practices in post-secondary education through collaborative research, teaching, and service. Finally, WSU ROAR provides transformational educational experiences for students with and without disabilities, enacting the institutional land-grant mission of access, engagement, and service to society.

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