1912 Center (Heart of the Arts, Inc.)



Heart of the Arts, Inc. (HAI)
Founded in December 2002 to develop and fund artistic and cultural programs, using the 1912 Center as the heart of that development, Heart of the Arts, Inc. is the non-profit company selected by the City of Moscow to run, maintain and grow the 1912 Center. HAI took over operations on May 1, 2007 and entered into the first part of the renewal term with the City in October 2011 and the second part in October 2016.

Enriching lives and creating community by operating and restoring the 1912 Center.

To that end, we:
  • Provide space and programs that welcome the greater Moscow community, residents and non-residents a like.
  • Foster connections between the community and various art forms.
  • Unite the community across the lines of age, race, gender and economics.
  • Give visibility to the history of this community.
  • Nurture new programs and organizations to meet emerging community needs.
196 People | 126 Impacts | 669 Hours

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