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Concordia University - Portland




On Monday, February 10th it was announced that Concordia University will be closing at the end of the Spring Term 2020.  As we anticipate that transition, I want to share information about how you can continue to utilize GivePulse to access the records of the service hours that you completed during your time here at Concordia for future needs – academic program applications, graduate school applications, resumes, etc.

Please follow the steps below to ensure you have access to your GivePulse account following the closure:

1.       Concordia Email: If you currently utilize a Concordia Email for GivePulse, you will need to follow a few steps to add a personal email to your account and set-up a new password so that you can access the system once Single Sign-On is no longer available with your Concordia Username and Password.  Please take a look at this link for details about how to make this update:

2.       Personal Email: If you already utilize a Personal Email for GivePulse, you just need to create a unique GivePulse password to be able to log-in to the system directly rather than utilizing Single Sign-On.  You can set-up a password by going to the following link and entering your personal email address:  From there the system will send you an email directing you on the steps to create a password.

Here are a couple of additional tips and tricks that can help you continue to utilize GivePulse for your benefit:

1.       Service Transcript: All of your service hours throughout your time at Concordia have been stored in GivePulse and can be easily populated into an Impact Summary for your easy access.  Follow these steps to access your Impact Summary:

a.       Log-in to GivePulse

b.       Click “My Activity” in the upper right-hand corner

c.       Select “Impacts” from the drop-down menu

d.       Click “Print Summary” in the small box on the right-hand side of the screen.

e.       Save or print as desired

2.       Transferring to Another GivePulse School: Many other colleges and universities also utilize GivePulse, including Portland State University and Portland Community College.  If you are transferring to another university that utilizes GivePulse, you can merge your two accounts to maintain a single record by following these instructions:

3.       Accessing a Lost Account: If you have trouble accessing your account or have questions about GivePulse beyond April 30th, you can reach out to GivePulse support at  They have an amazing team of folks and I know that they will answer any questions that you have!

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