Pullman Community Montessori School



Pullman Community Montessori School (PCM) is a charter school that currently serves students K-6th grade. The school will expand to include a middle school that goes up to the 9th grade as the students in the program age. PCM endeavors to help all students reach their full potential for future success in high school, college, career, and life using the rich resources of our community. The school uses the Montessori method to deliver a dynamic multi-sensory curriculum to students in developmentally centered, multi-aged classrooms where possible. PCM strives to cultivate collaborative leaders, respect the child, and inspire self-empowered lifelong learning through place-based learning. This is a partnership model where teachers and families work together for whole-child educational outcomes.

PCM’s core values are to create and reinforce the habits and language that support an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion, where differences are valued and accountability, integrity, character, and a growth mindset are fostered. Our expectations that all participants of PCM’s community—students, teachers, staff, and parents—uphold and support our core values, display our high standards for all, and our intent to expand community beyond our classroom walls.

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